IKEUCHI is the world's leading manufacturer of spray nozzles and nozzle-related systems.

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IKEUCHI is an expert in spray technology, providing:

  • 1. Ceramic spray nozzles "CERJET®"
    After IKEUCHI invented the first ceramic nozzles in the world, we have developed the widest range of ceramic nozzles.

  • 2. Precision-guaranteed spray nozzles
    We guarantee our precision spray nozzles to meet your needs for accuracy and superior performance.

  • 3. World's first humidity control system using Dry Fog-"AirAKI®".
    A non-wetting Dry Fog can control the humidity on your factory floor more effective than other systems.

  • 4. Optimized solutions for your applications
    Because of our continuous development and wide range of products, we are able to provide the perfect nozzle for any application.

What's New

  • [ 2014.02.14 ]
    New web site has been released!
    PT. IKEUCHI INDONESIA's web site is just released!
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