The Fog Engineers H.Ikeuchi & Co.,LTD

Spray Unit COOLKIT-C (with water tank)

Spray capacity (*1) Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption 40 W (50 Hz), 39.5 W (60 Hz) (*2)
Water pressure - Air pressure - Air consumption -


• Fine fog spray cooling and humidification D.I.Y. kit.
• It reduces temperatures by 3–5℃ with evaporative cooling of fog.
• Ideal as an urban heat island (UHI) countermeasure, for heatstroke prevention, for creating comfortable cool spots, etc.
• It can be also used for dust suppression, static charge prevention, and humidification.

*1) Up to 8 nozzles can be installed.
Using 9 or more nozzles may cause problems with spraying operations, so we recommend that users avoid doing this.

*2) Power supply: 100 VAC (50 Hz/ 60 Hz)


Outdoor cooling: Cooling directly toward people, heatstroke countermeasures, UHI countermeasure, plant and animal cooling, preventing heatstroke, heat reduction for heat-extreme working environments
Humidification: Static charge prevention, preserving freshness, dust suppression
Presentations/Shows: Spray fog screens (for video projection), achieving fog effects

Shops and Shopping Arcades, Bus Stops, Train Stations, Ferry Terminals and Airports
• Cooling for facility entrances and entrance halls/lobbies, shopping arcades, corridors, docks/wharfs, train platforms

School Facilities (from Preschools to Universities)
• Cooling for school entrances, inter-building connecting corridors, areas near window frames, roof areas, tents set up for sports events, etc.; cooling for students, teachers, parents/guardians and other users

Gymnasiums, Athletic Fields/Facilities, Soccer Fields, Tennis Courts, Golf Courses, Martial Arts Dojos, Racecourses
• Cooling for facility entrances, inter-building connecting corridors, roof areas, waiting rooms/areas, spectator seating areas, outdoor tents, booths installed as resting spots, etc.; cooling for athletes, spectators

Amusement Parks, Zoos, Aquariums, Botanical Gardens
• Cooling for facility entrances, attraction/ride facilities, corridors, areas near archways, areas near shrubbery, etc.; preventing heatstroke, presentation/show applications, displays/exhibitions of activities, etc.

Cattle Barns (Dairy Farm Facilities and Feedlots), Chicken Coops, Pigpens and Horse Stables
• Cooling for entrance areas, openings in facility walls, and facility interiors; cooling for workers and industrial animals; preventing heatstroke, fatigue and loss of appetite caused by high summer temperatures, milking yield declines, and dispersion of dust

Linen Supply and Restaurant Applications
• Heat countermeasure during cleaning and ironing operations, countermeasure against static electricity caused by dry air, preserving freshness for all-you-can-eat buffets and fresh food display shelves in stores

Industries in which this product is used

Environment and Entertainment, Schools, Sports facilities

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

Unit components
1 Tank unit 20L (1)
2 Pump unit (1)
3 Water supply tube 10 m (1)
4 Nozzle sets (6)
5 Socket (1)
6 End plug (1)

Cable ties (10)

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