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[Discontinued] COOLJetter® CLJ-CSA-F

Spray capacity 14.2 L/hr Mean droplet diameter 10–30 μm (*1) Power consumption 327 W (50 Hz), 394 W (60 Hz) (*2)
Water pressure 6.0 MPa Air pressure - Air consumption -




This model has been discontinued.
Please click here for the successor model CLJ-CSA.


• This energy-efficient cooling unit produces Semi-Dry Fog® (*1) which is dispersed over a larger area using a fan (fog fan/ mist fan).
• It reduces temperatures by 3–5℃ with evaporative cooling of fog.
• Pump and water tank inclusive type (mobile cart type) that doesn't require a fixed installation space.
• This cooling fan unit is useful for prevention of heatstroke, dust dispersion, etc.
• Spray volume is 14.2 L/hr (at 6 MPa), making it suitable for use in small spaces.

*1) We define Semi-Dry Fog® as a fog with a mean droplet diameter (mean fog droplet size) of 10–30 μm.
Because this fine fog does not include large droplets which can result in wetting, it provides superb performance quality for human users.
"Dry mist," despite its similar name, has no specified droplet diameter as part of its definition. Dry mist droplet sizes vary significantly by producer and product.

*2) Power supply: 100 VAC (50 Hz/ 60 Hz)


Outdoor cooling: Cooling directly toward people, heatstroke prevention, heat reduction for heat-extreme working environments
Humidification: Dust suppression, preventing dryness, health care

[Production / Processing Factory]
• Protecting workers from heatstroke, preventing dryness

[Waste Processing and Recycling Centers]
• Preventing dust dispersion inside buildings, protecting workers from heatstroke, health care

[Gymnasiums, Martial Arts Dojos, Soccer Fields, Tennis Courts, Athletic Fields/Facilities]
• Preventing heatstroke among athletes, preventing declines in practice/drill efficiency due to high temperatures

[Railway Yards]
• High temperature countermeasure during inspections and maintenance operations, preventing heatstroke among workers, boosting work efficiency and maintenance quality

[Wholesale Markets and Meat Processing Facilities]
• Cooling of facility staff/visitors, reducing stress among industrial-use livestock

Industries in which this product is used

• Steelmaking
• Pollution control
• Machinery
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food products
• Agriculture
• Livestock
• Automotive manufacturing
• Environment and Entertainment
• Schools
• Sports facilities

Product specifications

Model No. Mass (kg)
CLJ-CSA-F 46 (empty water tank)


Outer dimensions
Model No. Fan diameter (mm) Wide x Depth x Height (mm)
CLJ-CSA-F 450 575×1,020×1,320–1,400


Model No. Number of nozzles (pcs.) Spray capacity (L/hr) Air flow (㎥/min) (50/60 Hz) Rated supply voltage Power consumption (W) (50/60 Hz) Accessories and Features
at 6 MPa
CLJ-CSA-F 6 14.2

165 (50 Hz)

186 (60 Hz)

100 VAC

327 (50 Hz)

394 (60 Hz)
• Pump
• 50L water tank (Full tank allows about 3 hours of spraying)
• Includes wheels
• Fan speed control (3 levels)
• 75-degree oscillation
• Low water level sensor (stops spray automatically before tank is empty)
• Direct tap water connection possible (optional parts required)


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