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Dry Fog Humidifier Kit AE-KIT

Spray capacity 2.4–19.2 L/hr (*1) Mean droplet diameter 7.5 μm (*2) (**) Power consumption -
Water pressure - Air pressure 0.3 MPa Air consumption 29–232 L/min, Normal (*3)


• D.I.Y. kit with energy-saving humidifiers producing Dry Fog**.
(Includes AKIMist® “E” humidifier, control unit, water unit and piping unit)
• Professional installation is not required. Can be installed on wall surfaces.
• One AE-KIT is good for spaces of up to 800 ㎡.

• With world-leading technology, our AKIMist® “E” produces ultra-fine “non-wetting” Dry Fog, which doesn’t wet the objects it touches.
• Prevents dryness and static electricity, enabling higher manufactured product quality and lower defect rates.
• The running cost is one-fifth of a comparable steam.

*1) Spray volume when using AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03C.
AKIMist® “E” with other nozzle type (04E or 03B) is available. Contact us for details.

When installing on a wall surface, operate with two-directional spray (4.8 L/hr) to avoid spraying against the wall.
Three direction spray (7.2 L/hr) is possible by using AE-UT adaptor (optional).
Spray volume can be increased to a maximum of 19.2 L/hr by adding additional AKIMist® “E” units.

*2) Sauter mean droplet diameter of AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03C.
AKIMist® “E” with other nozzle type (04E or 03B) is available. Contact us for details.

*3) Air consumption of AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03C.
AKIMist® “E” with other nozzle type (04E or 03B) is available. Contact us for details.

** We define Dry Fog as a very fine fog with a uniform, mean droplet diameter (mean fog droplet size) of 10 μm or less.
Because Dry Fog's exceedingly fine spray droplets remain intact without bursting when they come into contact with objects such as a walls and people, they do not wet these impact surfaces.
“Dry mist," despite its similar name, has much larger droplets than Dry Fog and has no specified droplet diameter as part of its definition. Dry mist droplet sizes vary significantly by producer and product.


Static electricity prevention: Prevents/reduces troubles caused by static charge, such as product damage, (electrostatic damage) and debris/dust adhesion, etc.
Energy saving: The running-costs of our system are only one-fifth of a typical steam humidification system, resulting in drastic energy savings.
Cooling effects: The system also yields a cooling of about 2℃, reducing temperatures with evaporative cooling (using the principle of heat loss due to water evaporation of Dry Fog).
Health-related benefits: Maintaining a relative humidity level of 50% dramatically reduces cold viruses, influenza (flu) viruses and so forth, thus reducing worker absences caused by illness.

• Preventing electrostatic discharge damage during assembly, mounting/installation and tests; preventing debris and dust adhesion; mitigating rises in incorrect-chucking rates; preventing mounting errors.

[Paper & Pulp, Printing]
• Rotogravure printing: Preventing ink pan and ink roll fires, preventing debris and dust adhes

Industries in which this product is used

• Steelmaking
• Pollution control
• Machinery
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food products
• Agriculture
• Livestock
• Automotive manufacturing
• Environment and Entertainment

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

The above drawing is just one example.  For details please ask for our inquiry sheet and diagram.

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