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Flue Gas Cooling System

Product outline

This flue gas cooling system serves to cool high-temperature gases emitted by waste incinerators, melting furnaces, steelmaking equipment and so forth.
It is capable of reducing gases of several hundred degrees Celsius to around 200°C by the time they reach late-stage dust collectors (bag filters). We carefully design the system in such a manner that it completely vaporizes emitted fogs while not wetting the interior walls of cooling towers.


• Gas cooling system producing semi-fine fog. (*1)
• Can be integrated as an improvement to existing gas cooling tower facilities or incorporated when designing and building new gas cooling towers.
• Optimization of gas flow.
• Does not create problems related to unvaporized-water drainage, dust adhesion, etc.

*1) Semi-fine fog is fog with a mean droplet diameter (droplet size) of 100–300 μm.


• Converter flue-gas cooling
• Cooling of gas following cupola furnace pretreatment
• Cooling of melting furnace flue gas

• Stabilizer
• Cyclone

[Industrial waste incinerator]
• Flue gas cooling

Industries in which this product is used

• Pollution control
• Steelmaking

Product specifications

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