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Low-pressure rotating cleaning nozzles ROTARY JETTER RJ series

Pipe conn. size Rc1/2 or Rc1*1/2 Rated pressure 0.2–1.0 MPa (0.2–1.0 MPA for Rc1/2, 0.3–0.8 MPa for Rc1*1/2) Spray capacity 25.6–239 ℓ/min (*1)
Reach distance 7–12 m in radius (*2) Cleaning distance - Max. allowable temperature 80℃ (176°F)


• Low-pressure type rotating nozzle.
• Solid stream jet provides high cleaning performance.
• 360° rotation thoroughly cleans inside of a tank.
• 2-nozzle and 4-nozzle types are available.

Spray capacity for each model:
1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ4: 25.6 L/min (at 0.2 MPa)–57.3 L/min (at 1.0 MPa)
1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ7: 103 L/min (at 0.3 MPa)–169 L/min (at 0.8 MPa)
1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ8: 127 L/min (at 0.3 MPa)–207 L/min (at 0.8 MPa)
1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ9: 151 L/min (at 0.3 MPa)–246 L/min (at 0.8 MPa)
1*1/2F RJ3-4L-Φ6: 146 L/min (at 0.3 MPa)–239 L/min (at 0.8 MPa)

Reach distance of RJ3-2L-Φ4 is approx. 7 meter in radius.
Reach distance of RJ3-4L-Φ6 is approx. 9 meter in radius.
Reach distance of RJ3-2L-Φ7 and RJ3-2L-Φ8 is approx. 10 meter in radius.
Reach distance of RJ3-2L-Φ9 is approx. 12 meter in radius.


Cleaning of tanks, chests, and containers, cleaning inside the chests (material tanks of papermaking)

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Food
• Paper & Pulp
• Chemical
• Pharmaceutical

Product specifications


Stainless steel 304

Product code Mass (kg)
1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ4 0.62
1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ7 2.7
1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ8 2.7
1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ9 2.7
1*1/2F RJ3-4L-Φ6




ROTARY JETTER (Compact type with two nozzles)

[Dimensions of 1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ4], [Compact type]  (Unit: mm)

1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ4 is equipped with two nozzles. 

①Nozzle  ②Body


ROTARY JETTER (Standard type with two nozzles)

[Dimensions of 1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ7, 1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ8, 1*1/2F RJ3-2L-Φ9]  (Unit: mm)

1*1/2F RJ3-2L is equipped with two nozzles. 

①Nozzle  ②Body

*3) Spray orifice size is shown in ΦD (either Φ7 or Φ8 or Φ9).


ROTARY JETTER (Standard type with four nozzles)

[Dimensions of 1*1/2F RJ3-4L-Φ6]  (Unit: mm)

1*1/2F RJ3-4L-Φ6 is equipped with four nozzles. 

①Nozzle  ②Body

Other information

[Flow-rate diagram]


[Cleaning cycle]

Cleaning cycle changes depending on the pressures as below.