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Flat spray air nozzles (Disassemblable) VZ series

Spray pattern Flat Pipe conn. size R1/4 or R3/8 Standard pressure 0.3 MPa
Spray angle - Spray capacity 154–1,122 ℓ/min, Normal Supply air type Compressed air, Steam


• Large spray coverage.
• Air spray volume can be adjusted by changing nozzle tips.
• Capable of steam spraying.


• Cleaning, Dust suppression, Drying, Air curtain
• Humidification, Temperature control, Moisture control

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Steelmaking
• Machinery
• Electronics
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food
• Automotives

Product specifications

Structure • Comprises three parts: nozzle tip, cap, and adaptor.
• Worn-out nozzle tip can be replaced separately.
• Cap and adaptor are exchangeable with those of three-piece structure standard flat spray nozzles (for liquids).
• Capable of steam spraying.
Material • Stainless steel 303, B (brass)
(Optional: Stainless steel 316)
  Pipe connection size Mass (g)
Stainless steel 303 B (brass)
Complete assemblies R1/4 44 47
R3/8 73 78
Nozzle tip R1/4 4.7 5.0
R3/8 7.7 8.1


Outer dimensions

VZ series (Complete assemblies)

No. Components
Nozzle tip

• Appearance and dimensions may differ slightly depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.

Pipe conn.
L1 H1 H2 N a
R1/4 43 19 17 10.5 6.5
R3/8 48.5 23 21 11 9.5


VZ series (Nozzle tip)

Pipe conn.
L2 φD1 φD2 t
R1/4 11 14.5 12.5 25
R3/8 14 18 16 2.5


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