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Ultra-Co MPact Size, Small Capacity Fine Fog Nozzles/ Flat Spray SCBIMV-S series nozzles

Thread standard Pipe conn. size M3 depth 2.5(*1), M3 depth 3(*2) Standard pressure -
Spray angle 80°(*3) Spray capacity 0.1 - 0.74 ℓ/hr, Normal Supply air type Compressed air
Liquid feeding system Liquid siphon Mean droplet diameter 20 - 30 μm Air consumption 3.75 - 12.5N ℓ/min
Air pressure 0.2 - 0.4 MPa Free passage diameter 0.2 mm(*4)


Flat spray pneumatic nozzle producing fine atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 30 30 μm or less (*5).
Ultra-compact size. About 42 mm in total length including control adaptor.
Liquid siphon feed type (liquid pressure device is not required).
Even spray distribution across the entire spray area.
Spray angle is 80゚.
Spray ON/OFF can be regulated by switching the pilot air ON/OFF (type SP) or by turning compressed air ON/OFF (type SN).

*1) Inlets for compressed air and pilot air. (No pilot air for the adaptor type SN)
*2) Liquid inlet.
*3) Measured at compressed air pressure of 0.3 MPa and liquid siphon height of 100 mm.
*4) Free passage diameter of spray orifice.
*5) Measured by Laser Doppler Method.


Spraying: Mold release agent, lubricant, deodorant (trash pit, refuse collector, inlet conduit), oil, surface treatment agent, rust preventive, honey, insecticide, aqueous urea, etc.
Cooling: Dies, gas, glass, steel plates, steel pieces, moldings, automobile bodies, plastic products, etc.
Moisture control: Paper, gas, ceramics, concrete, etc.
Cleaning: Printed circuit boards, glass tubes, etc.
Others: Dust suppression, Catalyst denitration, etc.

Industries in which this nozzle is used

Steelmaking, Electronics, Paper & pulp, Printing, Food, Automotives

Product specifications

Structure • Comprising 4 parts : Spray tip, core, cap, and adaptor.
• Connecting adaptors (spray ON/OFF control adaptors) are available from the type SP or SN.
• Internal mixing type designed to mix compressed air and liquid inside the nozzle (Inner air type : compressed air flows in the center of the nozzle, while liquid flows along its circumference).
• Liquid siphon feed type.
Material • Nozzle body, others: S303
• Packing: FKM

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