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Pneumatic Slit Laminar Spray PSN serie nozzles

Thread standard Pipe conn. size 2*3/8 - 5*3/8F Standard pressure -
Spray angle - Spray capacity 8.0 - 28.0 ℓ/hr(*1) Supply air type Compressed air
Liquid feeding system Liquid pressure Mean droplet diameter - Air consumption 520 - 1,700N ℓ/min(*1)
Air pressure - Free passage diameter -


• Pneumatic slit-laminar nozzle with uniform spray distribution throughout the entire spray pattern area.
• While multiple-nozzle alignment of conventional pneumatic spray nozzles leaves some spots unwashed, PSN nozzles provides uniform spray distribution and achieves a complete cleaning, leaving no spot unwashed. PSN can be used at spray distances as short as 5–10 mm.

*1) Measured at compressed air pressure of 0.1-0.4 MPa and liquid pressure of 0.1-0.4 MPa for PSN nozzle with slit length of 1000 mm and slit opening of 0.05 mm.


Cleaning: Glass substrate, liquid crystal
Cooling: Steel plates, moldings
Moisture control: Paper, cardboard

[Steelmaking industry]
Surface finish process: Precision cleaning for steel surface treatment, Roll cleaning

Industries in which this nozzle is used

Electronics, Automotives

Product specifications

Structure • Comprising several parts : Body, packing, o-ring, etc.
• Internal mixing type designed to mix compressed air and liquid inside the nozzle (Pre-mix type : compressed air and liquid are already mixied inside the nozzle adaptor).
• Liquid pressure type.
Material • Packing: PE
• O-ring: FKM
• Others: S304
Nozzle code (Number of inlets)-(Thread size) L1 L2 L3 L4 Mass(kg)
Slit length(mm) Slit opening(mm) Compressed air Liquid
460 0.05
2*3/8F 2*3/8F 490 460 230 130 5.6
600 3*3/8F 3*3/8F 630 600 400 115 7.2
700 3*3/8F 3*3/8F 730 700 460 135 8.4
780 3*3/8F 3*3/8F 810 780 520 145 9.3
1,200 5*3/8F 5*3/8F 1,230 1,200 960 135 14


Outer dimensions

No. Components Standard materials
Body (Air inlet side) S304
Body (Liquid inlet side) S304
Packing PE
Bolt (M5×12) S304
Bolt (M4×8) S304
Bolt (M4×10) S304
O-ring(P-4) FKM
O-ring FKM

• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on nozzle codes and materials. Please contact us for details.


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