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Semi-Fine, Semi-Coarse Fog Nozzles/ Full Cone Spray JJA series nozzles

Thread standard Pipe conn. size 2T10 Standard pressure -
Spray angle - Spray capacity 1.1 - 24 ℓ/hr(*1) Supply air type Compressed air
Liquid feeding system Liquid pressure Mean droplet diameter 150 - 650 μm Air consumption 205 - 240N ℓ/min(*1)
Air pressure 0.2 - 0.4 MPa Free passage diameter 3.7 - 5.2 mm(*2)


• Full cone spray pneumatic nozzle producing a large volume of semi-fine to semi-coarse atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 130 μm or more (*3).
• Large turn-down ratio and uniform spray droplet size distribution across the entire spray area.
• Clog-resistant design due to large free passage diameter is suitable for spraying factory effluents and waste water.
• Simple structure, easy maintenance.

*1) Measured at compressed air pressure of 0.2-0.4 MPa and liquid pressure of 0.05-0.7 MPa.
*2) Free passage diameter of spray orifice.
*3) Measured by the immersion Sampling method.


Cooling: Gas, moldings, etc.
Combustion: Waste water, etc.

Industries in which this nozzle is used

Steelmaking, Pollution Control

Product specifications

Structure • Comprising several parts : Nozzle body, mixing adaptor, pipe, flange, etc.
• Internal mixing type designed to mix compressed air and liquid inside the nozzle (Pre-mix type : compressed air and liquid are already mixied inside the nozzle adaptor).
• Liquid pressure type.
Material • Nozzle body, mixing core, and nozzle adaptor: S316L
• Pipe: S316LTP
• Packing: Metal wire reinforced AES wool
• Others: S304


Outer dimensions

No. Components Standard materials
body S316L
Mixing Core S316L
nozzle adaptor S316L
Pipe S316LTP
Mixing adaptor S304
Liquid Socket S304
Flange S304
Bolt S304
Packing Metal wire reinforced AES wool
Type Total length L1 (mm)* Length L2 (mm) Mass(kg) *1
A 440 200~300 1.8
B 540 300~400 2.0
C 740 400~600 2.3
D 940 600~800 2.6
E 1,140 800~1,000 2.9

*1) Mass of flange is not included.

• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on nozzle codes and materials. Please contact us for details.


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