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High I MPact Flat Spray Semi-Fine Fog Nozzles VVEA series nozzles

Thread standard - Pipe conn. size 1/8F Standard pressure -
Spray angle 60° - 80°(*1) Spray capacity 0.23 - 4.17 ℓ/min, Normal Supply air type Compressed air
Liquid feeding system Liquid pressure Mean droplet diameter 20 - 400 μm Air consumption 24 - 33N ℓ/min
Air pressure 0.2 - 0.5 MPa Free passage diameter 0.8 - 1.6 mm(*2)


• Flat spray pneumatic nozzle producing semi-fine (and semi-coarse) atomization having a mean droplet diameter of 50μm(*3) or more.
• High spray impact with thin flat spray pattern and uniform distribution.
• Liquid pressure type under the liquid pressures of 0.2-0.5 MPa.
• Large turn-down ratio with stable spray angle.
• Spray angle is 60゚ and 80゚.

*1) Measured at compressed air pressure of 0.4 MPa and liquid pressure of 0.5 MPa.
*2) Free passage diameter of spray orifice.
*3) Measured by Laser Doppler Method.


Cleaning: Printed circuit boards, liquid crystal, liquid crystal display, steel plates
[Steelmaking industry]
Surface finish process: Precision cleaning for steel surface treatment, Roll cleaning

Industries in which this nozzle is used

Steelmaking, Electronics

Product specifications

Structure • Comprising several parts : Spray tip, cap, mixing adaptor, liquid socket, etc.
• Internal mixing type designed to mix compressed air and liquid inside the nozzle (Pre-mix type : compressed air and liquid are already mixied inside the nozzle adaptor).
• Liquid pressure type.
Material • Materials: S303


Outer dimensions

60° type

③Mixing adaptor
④liquid socket


80° type

③Mixing adaptor
④liquid socket

• No Sleeve ⑤ for VVEA8005.
• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on nozzle codes and materials. Please contact us for details.


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