The Fog Engineers H.Ikeuchi & Co.,LTD

Full cone spray/ Ultra-wide angle TSP series nozzles

Pipe conn. size 1/2F Spray angle - Mean droplet diameter 100–200 μm
Strainer Not included Standard pressure 5 MPa Spray capacity 15.0–60.1 ℓ/min
Air consumption - Free passage diameter 0.4–0.8 mm


• Full cone spray pattern with a round impact area.
• Wide spray angle provides larger spray coverage.
• Ideal for fire extinguishing, fire prevention, dust suppression.


Others: fire extinguishing, fire prevention, dust suppression, spraying, tank cleaning

Industries in which this nozzle is used

Pollution control

Product specifications

Structure • This nozzle produces a hollow cone pattern spray from the nozzle tip and flat pattern sprays from the nozzle side slits, resulting in a nearly round impact area at a spray height of 2–3 m.
Material • Body: Stainless steel 303
• Whirler: Stainless steel 316L equivalent


Outer dimensions

• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.
• In our material code, "S" represents "stainless steel".  (Example) S303 represents stainlees steel 303.

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