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Wide-angle flat spray/ Ultra-low pressure(Even spray distribution) LYYP series nozzles

Pipe conn. size R1/8 Spray angle 70゚, 80゚, 90゚, 100゚, 110゚, or 120゚ Mean droplet diameter 850–1,350 μm
Strainer Not included Standard pressure 0.015 MPa Spray capacity 0.20–1.00 ℓ/min
Air consumption - Free passage diameter 0.9–1.9 mm


• Wide-angle flat spray with uniform distribution.
• Capable of low operating pressures.
• Low volume spray has such a low impact force that no bubbles nor foam will appear on the spray surface.
• All LYYP products are treated oil-free.


• Spraying: Developing solution for semi-conductor, manufacturing processes, ultra-low volume spray for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, chemical spraying to surface treated steel plates

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Electronics

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

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