• One machine for three functions of cooling, humidification and pest control.
  • Does not wet equipment.
  • Utilizing Semi Dry Fog®*.
    *Utilizes a fine fog of evenly distributed particles of 10 to 30 µm in average diameter that does not wet things

What is CoolPescon™?

It is an epoch-making plant cultivation system that automatically controls cooling, humidification and pests inside a greenhouse.

  • Semi Dry Fog® evaporates completely and evenly!
    ...Maximum cooling effect -8℃.
  • Cuts costs by automating pest control!
    ...Zero labor cost & maximum pesticide costs reduced to 1/3 or less.
  • Contributes to increases in steady yield!
    ...Promotes photosynthesis by controlling temperature and humidity deficit.

A Single System for Controlling Temperature, Humidity & Pests.




  • Cooling cowshed by 5℃ or lower in summertime.
  • Cooling without wetting cow body or ground.
  • Cooling cows by reducing the surrounding air temperature with fog of fine particles.


  • Restoration of milk yield.
  • Recovery of appetites.
  • Conception rate improvement.

Suitable for cowshed, stable, poultry house!




  • Cools effectively even in large-scale spaces including buildings with open doorways and semi-enclosed areas.
  • Electric power consumption is only 1/10 that of standard air conditioning.
  • Because almost no waste heat is generated, the unit is suited to CO2 Emission Control.
  • Requires only a power source and tap water to start operation.

Suitable for workshop, warehouse without A/C!




  • LYOHM SYSTEM is not the typical lightweight misting gadget; but an outdoor cooling system that can be (semi-permanently) installed as a part of the building structure.
  • Control panel is attached of temperature and humidity sensor, on-off timer control.

Suitable for restaurant, coffee shop, buildings, workshops!




  • The COOLJetter is an air cooling unit which blows Semi Dry Fog® with a droplet size of 20 - 30 μm for reducing temperatures, cooling objects, suppressing dust/dirt, deodorizing, creating special effects, etc.

Suitable for restaurant, coffee shop, buildings, workshops!




  • New Energy Saving Design 20% Less Air Consumption! AKIMist® upgraded to model "E". If 30pcs. of the previous AKIJet® nozzles are replaced with the new ones, air consumption saved is 111.7SCFM (3000Nm3) in a month.
  • Clean Humidifier Antibacterial water tank is sanitary and much smaller (45% less water storage, compared to AKIMist® "D").
  • Compatible Design Reduction in size and weight but Creates large volume Dry Fog with less air consumption.
  • Easy-to-maintain mechanism Both the nozzle and body have become dramatically easier to maintain and use.

Suitable for paper making, cartons, printing, textiles, chemicals!




  • Energy-saving, large volume humidifiers consumers only 73W for 4.7L/hr humidifying capacity!
  • Portable humidification unit with built-in pump and tank.
  • Easy to move on built-in wheels (needs no installation work).
  • Automatic operation (with humidity control, off-timer).
  • Spray direction is adjustable (upward 30 ~ 75 degree).
  • Small tank - Easy water supply (operable while feeding water).

Suitable for hospitals!




Hydraulic Spray Nozzle
  • Flat Fan
  • Full Cone
  • Hollow Cone
  • Solid Stream
  • Air Nozzle
Pneumatic Spray Nozzle
  • Fine Mist
  • Mist
  • Minimal Clogging Fine Mist
  • Semi-Fine Mist
  • Steam Driving