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Fog Vegetables

Delicious Vegetables Grown with Fog

What's Fog Vegetables?

The World’s First Fog Cultivation Method.
"Fog Vegetables" are high-quality, ultra-delicious vegetables grown using a cutting-edge approach wherein liquid fertilizer is sprayed on the roots of crops.
This produce is cultivated in a clean environment without the use of soil, compost or similar, making for safe vegetables that can be enjoyed by all consumers, even the very young and the elderly.
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Agricultural Innovation from Japan

Agricultural Innovation from Japan
In desert regions, high-elevation locations and other challenging growing sites that lack abundant sources of water, we strive to grow tasty, plump fruits and vegetables.
With this in mind, IKEUCHI (The Fog Engineers), the  leading spray-nozzle manufacturer in Japan, has developed a fog cultivation system compatible with various crop types through tireless research efforts.

Why Fog-cultivated Fruit Tastes Better

Why Fog-cultivated Fruit Tastes Better
In order to produce delicious crops, it is necessary to lock in as much sugar as possible during the growing process, which can be achieved by carefully controlling amounts, application timing and other factors for liquid fertilizer.
Fog cultivation enables minute control of such factors, thus enabling the production of sweet, rich-tasting fruits and vegetables.


We Don't Harvest Until Red

We Don't Harvest Until Red

Although tomatoes harvested while still green can be kept on supermarket shelves for longer periods of time, we wait until tomatoes are a fully ripe red before harvesting to ensure that our products offer the richest flavors possible.

Always Safe and Reliable

Always Safe and Reliable

We deliver only safe produce that can be consumed without worry.
As an agricultural producer, we implement thoroughgoing sanitary and quality control to ensure consistently trustworthy products—a must for any grower.
(Photograph: A worker uses the antibacterial Pest Control Gate device before entering a greenhouse.)


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