Company Profile


IKEUCHI provides leading edge liquid atomization technology to industries through the production of precision spray nozzles and nozzle- related systems. Since our foundation in 1954, we have been supporting world industrial spray nozzle and atomization requirements with innovative products, adding value to customer spray engineering support.


IKEUCHI's precision atomization spray nozzles, custom designs, nozzle-related systems, and Dry Fog humidification systems satisfy atomization requirements, fulfilling every manufacturing need.

"The Fog Engineers"

IKEUCHI, "The Fog Engineers", is the Fog Solution Provider - with our broad line of products, large base of established R&D, and having over 60 years of experience with hands-on knowledge of nozzles used for manufacturing process applications.
Kure City, H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd., Japan

Manufacturing Process Optimization

Implementing high quality atomization with IKEUCHI's products for a manufacturing process that will support optimization:
  • Reduction of Production cost - providing direct cost-savings
  • Increase of Productivity - an indirect cost-savings
  • Supporting Product Quality Assurance - increasing market competitive strength and sales
  • Reduction of the Risks of Environmental issues

Our Mission

As "The Fog Engineers," IKEUCHI is dedicated to providing solutions based on our extensive knowledge of atomization technology. We are committed to supporting progressive and profitable manufacturing everywhere. The ongoing investment of H. IKEUCHI & Co. Ltd. for research, product development and manufacturing is the foundation of our business. Our products, precision nozzles and their related systems, are designed to give the highest quality performance and the greatest returns to our customers.