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Devotion to Each and Every Crop


Devotion to Each and Every Crop

Abu Dhabi, the UAE's capital city, exhibits a balance between harsh natural conditions and futuristic.
Here we have established IKEUCHI Al Saad Farm, a next-generation farming facility that makes use of the Japan-born "fog cultivation" approach,
which enables delivery of trustworthy, clean, fresh fruits and vegetables to customers throughout the UAE.
Al Saad Farm staff are happy to serve, and we remain devoted to achieving the best-possible quality for each and every crop in order to please our customers.
We hope you will enjoy our produce to the fullest!



Four Advantages of the Al Saad Farm

Fog Cultivation for Delicious Taste as Top Priority

Fog Cultivation for Delicious Taste as Top Priority
IKEUCHI Al Saad Farm grows only clean crops with liquid fertilizer atomized in fog form, meaning no soil, compost or similar are used.
This fog cultivation method enables minute control of liquid fertilizer amounts, application timing and other such factors to produce sweet, rich-tasting fruits and vegetables.
On a quest for ways to grow even more delicious produce, we tirelessly pursued research efforts to come up with this revolutionary production approach based on fog cultivation.

Successful Year-round Cultivation in the Desert

Successful Year-round Cultivation in the Desert
Temperatures in the UAE's desert climate reach a staggering high of 50°C/122°F, making for a very challenging growing environment.
Tomatoes can only withstand temperatures up to 30°C/86°F and strawberries up to 23°C/73°F, making both of these crops incredibly difficult to grow in the UAE year-round.
However, our CoolPescon system, which provides automatic cooling,  humidification and spraying of pesticide within greenhouses, has enabled such year-round cultivation.
In the summer, this system reduces greenhouses indoor temperatures via evaporative cooling using very fine fog with uniform droplets, and humidifies to facilitate more efficient photosynthesis during the winter. In these ways we are able to grow high-quality crops and deliver them to customers all throughout the year.


Pesticide Reduction Measures

Pesticide Reduction Measures

By making use of IKEUCHI's various fog-based agricultural pesticide systems, it is possible to significantly reduce pesticide usage volumes.
In fact, our fog-based systems mitigate or eliminate many of the problems facing greenhouse growers, by reducing the burden placed on workers, boosting efficiency, enabling more clean and comfortable work environments, and providing other such benefits.

Water-saving Measures

Reduced water usage

It is believed that, out of all usable water sources in the world, 70% are used for agriculture.
In order to conserve and efficiently utilize these precious water resources, we strive to create new agricultural production systems.
We discovered that, by spraying liquid fertilizer in fog form using our fog cultivation approach, it is possible to minimize water usage in crop cultivation.
Four Goals of the Al Saad Farm

Achieve Year-round, High-yield Tomato and Strawberry Production

  • Intermediate tomato yield target: 50 kg/m2
  • Japanese-variety medium-size tomato yield target: 25 kg/m2
  • Japanese-variety strawberry yield target: 5 kg/m2
  • Tests and Research for Integrated Environment Control Technologies


Develop a cultivation strategy for the Middle East (desert) region

  • Numerical analysis of energy usage efficiency and efficiency boosts under an integrated environment control system for the desert climate
  • Establish a growing model that uses the latest water-conserving cultivation systems
  • Test next-generation, water- and power-saving cooling systems to replace the standard pad and fan system
  • Carry out reduced-pesticide cultivation and preventive pest control measures


Evaluate Performance of Various Cultivation Facility Materials

  • Carry out verification testing with an eye toward reduced costs for new technologies, facilities and equipment, and also for high-energy-usage facilities
  • Evaluate crop characteristics by crop type


Establish a Middle East Operations Model

  • Sell high-value-added crops made possible by high-quality, year-round cultivation
  • Implement cultivation management based on growth predictions
  • Introduce the latest technologies and implement technological improvements
Achieve Year-round, High-yield Tomato and Strawberry Production
Basic Layout of the Al Saad Farm
Basic Layout of the Al Saad Farm

Facility Overview

  • Bay width: 9.6 m; pillar pitch: 5 m; eave height: 4.5 m
  • Roof shape: Gothic
    • Roof arch pitch: 2.5 m
    • Beam form: truss
    • Roof film: light-scattering near-infrared reduction film
    • Wall film: light-scattering near-infrared reduction film
    • Skylights: yes (both)

Equipment Overview

  • Control: integrated environmental control device
    • Curtain equipment: rack-mounted curtains, single layer (blocks 70% of light)
  • Heating: none
  • Cooling: CoolPescon (IKEUCHI high-pressure fog-spraying system)
  • Pesticide spraying: CoolPescon (IKEUCHI high-pressure spraying system)
  • Fertilizer supply / cultivation equipment: IKEUCHIPonics (own aeroponic cultivation system)
  • Ventilation: forced and natural ventilation systems


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Office No: 2, First floor, Plot: 59, M5, Mussafah, P.O. Box 6824, Abu Dhabi, UAE