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Leave it in! Self-Cleaning Nozzle Header with Built-in Brushes | Newsletter Vol. 11 | IKEUCHI

June 20, 2024
Ever had to climb to dizzying heights or squeeze into tight spaces just to clean clogged nozzles? It's not only a hassle but also a risk. What if I told you there's a way to keep your nozzles clean without ever removing them?

Introducing our BRASIKan Series Nozzle Headers with Built-in Brushes! 
Imagine the time and effort you'll save when you no longer need to disassemble and reassemble your nozzles for cleaning.
Here’s how it works:
Effortless Cleaning: Simply rotate the handwheel to activate the internal cleaning brushes, which will swiftly clear any obstructions in the nozzle orifices. The removed debris is then flushed out through a drain.
Manual or Automated Options: Choose between a manual handwheel version or an air-driven type for remote-controlled operation, perfect for those hard-to-reach areas.
Enhanced Quality, Stable Operations: Maintain uniform spray flow distributions and enhance product quality by preventing nozzle blockages before they cause issues.
Efficiency Boost: Reduce maintenance time, especially for large number of spray nozzles or nozzles installed in high or narrow spots, ensuring safer and more efficient operations. 

illustrated BRASIKan, with link to the catalog
Extract from BRASIKan video
Widely Used in the Steel Industry
In various cleaning processes, such as steel sheet cleaning, rinsing, brush roll cleaning, and water washing in the cold rolling and surface treatment stages of steel mills, the number of spray nozzle headers is often high, making manual cleaning a time-consuming and laborious task. 
  Using the air-driven type BRASIKan capable of remote operation and automatic cleaning eliminates the need for regular manual cleaning (to clear nozzle clogging) and reduces maintenance time. 
They are also proving their effectiveness in pickling, pickling after annealing, and pickling processes.

Feedback from Our Customers
Here's what our satisfied customers have to say:
- "No more nozzle clogs! Our product quality has significantly improved, saving us millions annually."
- "Maintenance frequency has dropped dramatically, even in very tight spaces."
- "Combined use with ARS filters, our nozzles almost never clog now."
- "We used to have 90% of our nozzles clogged after nine days of operation. Now, with the BRASIKan series, a quick handwheel turn every day or two keeps everything running smoothly."
- "No more quality issues due to uneven cooling and cleaning.”

Curious to see it in action? Check out our product video here and dive into the details with our catalog pages.
Click the image below to watch as the brush completely clears foreign objects stuck in the nozzle inside the header:

Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced sales staff will be delighted to provide you with a proposal that will help you save labor, improve maintainability, stabilize operations, and improve product quality.

Looking forward to helping you achieve smoother, safer, and more efficient processes!