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Maximize Efficiency with Our Latest Pulse Spraying Nozzles | Newsletter Vol. 10 | IKEUCHI

May 21, 2024
What comes to mind when you hear the word "pulse"? Maybe the rhythmic beating of a heart? 
Now, imagine applying that same concept to spraying technology: pulse spraying.
Also known as intermittent spray, it involves turning the spray on and off at short intervals. 
Our newest, solenoid-integrated SD-VV and SD-CC Series hydraulic spray nozzles, when used with a control box, enable precise intermittent spraying that is electrically turned on and off with intervals of just 0.05 seconds per shot and 0.05 cc per shot.
Our SD-VV & SD-CC Series nozzles help you:
✔ Save on expensive liquids: Use just the amount you need, no more, no less.
✔ Precise targeting: Aim exactly where you need without unnecessary spillage.
✔ Handle high-speed work: Intermittent spray control perfect for fast-moving conveyor belts with large numbers of workpieces.

Curious to see it in action? Check out this video:
lLink to SD-VV/SD-CC Series nozzle video
Minimized Splatter
In industrial processes, pulse spraying is mainly used for applications where liquids need to be applied in small, precise amounts at regular intervals, such as coating and cooling.

Here’s a case study from one of our customers, a food machinery manufacturer.
They had installed competitor's flat spray nozzles to spray a small amount of water at a pinpoint position on each dough piece flowing on a conveyor.
However, they were having trouble with the spray droplets spreading over the dough pieces more than desired, and the spillage (mess) on their conveyor belts.


Following the advice of our sales representative, they switched to our SD-CC nozzles (solid stream jet type) and achieved the desired results: minimal spray area with prevented splatter—conveyor belt problem solved!

Not just for food processing—
SD-CC and SD-VV Series nozzles are ideal for pulsed spraying on high-speed diaper production lines and applying mold release agents in die casting, all while keeping the spray tight and precise.


For more information, take a look at our product leaflets by clicking on the images below.​​​​​

LInk to SD-CC Series LeafletLInk to SD-VV Series Leaflet


Other Lineup

SETO-SD Series:
Looking for even more precision?
Our SETO-SD solenoid-controlled pneumatic spray nozzles deliver quick pulse sprays with 0.02 seconds and 0.006 cc per shot—ideal for die-cast release agent spray or mold cooling processes.​​​​​
SO-VV Series (left) & SO-CC Series (right):
Use pilot air for spray control and offer a more cost-effective solution.
Let's take a look at how these powerful tools can make a difference in your production line. Interested?
Contact us for more information and find the perfect spray solution for your needs.