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Conquer Tank Cleaning Efficiency with Stable Rotation + Free Case Studies from Japan! | Newsletter Vol. 8 | IKEUCHI

March 21, 2024
Japan's 'Godzilla' won the Academy Award for Visual Effects this year.
While we can't mend the cities destroyed by Godzilla, our motor-driven tank cleaning nozzles can certainly restore a dirty tank interior to spotless cleanliness!
Introducing our RJ3-MD Series Tank Cleaning Nozzles, which effortlessly maintain a steady rotation speed and deliver thorough cleaning results, regardless of the liquid volume.
The RJ3-MD Series, powered by air or electricity, ensures a thorough 360-degree clean with its stable low-speed rotation of 5-10 rpm, maximizing contact time for effective cleaning.
But that's not all!
The RJ3-MD Series boasts a wide operating pressure range of 0.3 to 15 MPa, making it versatile for various applications.
Its solid stream jet nozzles with a built-in rectifier ensure a powerful and focused cleaning force, tackling even the toughest residues.
Curious to see it in action?
Check out our catalog and video.

Explore Real Success Stories

And here's another exciting news- introducing our Tank Cleaning Nozzle Case Studies Collection!
Real success stories from businesses like yours, showcasing how they've upgraded their tank-cleaning game.

Tank Cleaning Nozzles Case Studies

What's in it for you?

  • ✔ Downloadable case studies from different industries.
  • ✔ Insights into how tank cleaning nozzles can boost your efficiency.
  • ✔ A sneak peek into hassle-free tank maintenance.
Click here to dive into our Tank Cleaning Nozzle Case Studies Collection!

3D CAD Model Download Free!

Explore the tank cleaning nozzle representative page on our 3D CAD website by clicking the image below.