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Spray Smart, Clean Easy: Where Efficient Nozzles Save Time and Costs in Tank Cleaning | Newsletter Vol. 7 | IKEUCHI

February 20, 2024
Let's face it, nobody dreams of spending their day scrubbing grimy tanks. 
That's where our nifty nozzles come to the rescue! 
Say goodbye to the tedium and let our cutting-edge nozzles do the dirty work for you.
IKEUCHI Tank Cleaning Nozzles LP

Affordable and High-Performing

Introducing the ROTAY JETTER – RJ Series, one of our most sought-after tank cleaning solutions.
The RJ series delivers a significant flow rate, ensuring superior cleaning results at low pressures ranging from 0.3 to 1.0 MPa. 
Easy to install with its compact design, the smallest model (R1/2) in the series weighs just 620g.
Its powerful rotating solid stream jets, from two or four nozzles, enable thorough 360-degree cleaning inside tanks,
effectively eliminating stubborn dirt.
The spray effectively reaches a radius of 7 to 12 meters, varying by model. 
Spray demonstration video for RJ Series with 2 Nozzles  Spray demonstration video for RJ Series with 4 Nozzles


Prioritizing Safety and Cost Efficiency

Our tank cleaning nozzles, including the RJ series, are employed globally for automated cleaning across various industries.
Here's what some of our satisfied customers have shared:
"The tank can be cleaned without the need for human entry, which is great!"
"The nozzle cleans more efficiently and thoroughly than expected, significantly cutting down cleaning time compared to manual methods."
Our successful track record includes:
Cleaning the interior walls of chests, chemical tanks, raw material tanks and conveyors at paper mills.
Cleaning tanks used for brewing, fermentation, distillation, and storage in food and beverage factories.
Removing cleaning agents from oven interiors at food processing facilities.
Cleaning ducts, cyclones, and powder tanks after the spray-drying process in the chemical plants.
The RJ Series has also been successfully utilized by paint manufacturers and petrochemical plants.

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Discover firsthand how our nozzles have successfully replaced labor-intensive (and sometimes hazardous) tank/container cleaning. 
Visit the linked webpage for case studies and inquiries, and gain access to our digital tank cleaning nozzle catalog.