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Ionizers vs. Humidification? Revealing the Key to Electrostatic Discharge Prevention in Manufacturing! | Newsletter Vol. 6 | IKEUCHI

January 23, 2024
Ever wondered about the most effective way to tackle static electricity in your production facility?
Curious about the difference between static elimination and prevention?
Video: How to Prevent ESD Damage in Factories
If you are not sure why preventing static electricity/ESD is so important and
how our Dry Fog humidification system (water spray humidification with no threat of
wetting materials and equipment) can be such an ideal solution,
check out this article:

Preventing Static Electricity with Humidification: A Guide


Ever had questions about what are the best strategies to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) damages?
Are you using ionizers/static eliminators or humidifiers without a clear understanding of how to optimize them for your production site? 
Our latest video breaks down the basics of these measures, compares pros and cons, and finally answers the above questions.
Video: How to Prevent ESD Damage in Factories
Explore Our Case Studies on ESD Control and Industrial Humidification!
Dive into our easy-to-read collection of 20 success stories, covering various production environments—
from surface mount processes reducing pick-and-place errors to printing plants achieving improved quality and productivity.
Also included are case studies in automotive, plastic molding, textiles, and other industries. 
Learn how our humidification system prevents ESD damages and transforms manufacturing.
Download the Case Studies Here