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Winter is coming, Printer is battling Static: Efficient Humidification Solutions | Newsletter Vol. 5 | IKEUCHI

December 22, 2023
In the realm of printing with various machinery, processes, and types, there are no White Walkers like in Game of Thrones.
However, in reality, winter is coming with a different kind of threat: static electricity. 
This issue arises due to dry weather and insufficient humidity. (Click for our article about Issues Faced in Print)
Fear not! Our expertise lies in providing customized humidification solutions to effectively combat static electricity.
Different areas within a facility require tailored measures, including optimal numbers, placements, and layouts of humidifiers.
We specialize in delivering precise humidification systems tailored to each customer's unique needs and goals.

Challenge in Gravure Printing Plants

In gravure printing plants that use highly volatile organic solvents, such as ink,
it is crucial to manage humidity strictly to prevent fires caused by static electricity.
Explore more in this article.


The challenge in humidifying gravure printing plants lies in the constant exchange of dry outdoor air with indoor air.
A humidification system for the entire facility, which includes steam humidification,
may have difficulty sufficiently increasing humidity levels in critical areas.
To address this issue, we propose a dual-stage humidification system.
This innovative approach combines two methods to ensure optimal humidity levels in key areas
while enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.
In one case, our humidification system slashed operating costs and CO2 emissions by over 80% compared to steam-based total humidification systems. 
For any worksites requiring humidification, not limited to gravure printing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Our representatives will discuss your specific requirements and propose the optimal system configuration and installation layout tailored to your worksite.