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Spray Nozzles for Vessels | Newsletter Vol. 2 | IKEUCHI

September 27, 2023
Yes, we are manufacturers of spray nozzles.
You might be wondering what the nozzles have to do with ships.
In fact, our spray nozzles play a crucial role in ensuring safe and comfortable voyages, 
having already made a significant impact on numerous vessels.

Fire Protection

Our powerful, high-flow nozzles prevent and extinguish fires on ships, making them
an essential safety feature.

Dust Control and Tank Cooling

Wide spray coverage effectively suppresses dust during loading and unloading,
and cools LNG fuel tanks and their surroundings.

Crew Comfort

To protect ship crews and cargo handlers from heat stress,
our evaporative fog cooling system will be a welcome addition on deck.
The fine fog cools ambient temperatures at a worksite without wetting the floor.
Please explore our website articles to learn more about the benefits of our products on ships.

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