The Fog Engineers H.Ikeuchi & Co.,LTD

History of IKEUCHI


H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD. was founded in 1954 as an export trading company by Hiroshi Ikeuchi (currently honorary chairman). The founder Ikeuchi took a lot of pride in the products his country manufactured, and as a result he focused on exporting only made-in-Japan machinery and equipment. However, at the time textiles was still the main industry in Japan, and the significant items developed by Japanese producers were limited to those-related with the productions of rayon synthetic materials. One of those products was the ceramic spinneret:

Spinnerets were traditionally made from metal alloys (gold and platinum), which were capable of resisting both strong acids and strong alkalis. Existing spinnerets, however, were confiscated by the army for use during World War II, and thus became unavailable for use in Japan. At a loss about how to provide these parts to customers again, spinning-related companies began betting their corporate futures on the development of spinnerets made from alternative materials such as glass and porcelain. Although usable porcelain spinnerets were finally achieved near the end of the war, importing of American nylon commenced just after the war ended, and the new spinnerets began to vanish from the market as rayon consumption in Japan declined.

Ikeuchi, who thought it a waste to let this outstanding ceramic spinneret technology fade away, expended great time and effort until he at last succeeded, for the first time worldwide, in the production of ceramic spray nozzles. Afterward, in 1961, he established a small factory in his hometown of Kure, Hiroshima prefecture. At the time, Bordeaux mixture was widely used as an agricultural pest-control agent, but spray nozzles for this agent tended to wear down quickly. Major pesticide-sprayer manufacturers were more than happy to adopt IKEUCHI's new ceramic nozzles, which offered high wear resistance to mitigate this problem.

Thereafter, H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD. began offering the world's first spray nozzles with ceramic tips—which also came with a guarantee of precision performance—and the Company expanded product offerings beyond the field of agriculture with nozzles made of metal, plastic and other materials. These were adopted and went on to make useful contributions in a wide range of industrial fields including steelmaking, automobiles, electronics, papermaking, printing, fibers, food products, greenhouse agriculture, marine products, livestock, energy, medicine, welfare services, landscaping/townscaping, pollution control and others.

Corporate/Product Development

1950 - 1970

1954 Established as a trading firm
1961 Developed the world's first ceramic tip nozzle CERJET®
Opened first plant in Kure city, Hiroshima, Japan
1964 Developed high pressure cleaning and descaling nozzles DSP series
1973 Developed and began production of metal spray nozzles
1975 Developed full cone spray nozzles with uniform distribution and minimal clogging
1979 Invented Dry Fog nozzle AKIJet® patented worldwide
Opened second plant in Nishiwaki city, Hyogo, Japan

1980 - 2000

1980 1980 Developed Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®
1983 Developed spray nozzles for steelmaking industry for use in spray cooling of continuous casting
Opened third plant in Kure city, Hiroshima, Japan
1984 Developed plastic spray nozzles
1985 Developed CERTIIM®, injection-molded version of CERJET®
1987 Established subsidiary company Ikeuchi Taiwan Co., Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
1990 Founded world’s first specialized “humidification” division with industrial humidification system AirAKI®
Developed self-cleaning nozzle MOMOJet®
1991 Developed pneumatic nozzle header with BIMV nozzles
1997 Received Achievement Award from The Institute of Electrostatics Japan for development of anti-static system
1998 Developed gas cooling nozzles GSIM for incineration plants

2000 -

2000 Developed large capacity pneumatic nozzles GBIM with low air-water ratio
2001 Developed descaling nozzle TDSS for steelmaking industry
Established Shanghai Office in P.R.China
2003 Developed self-cleaning filter ARS Filter
Expanded the plant in Nishiwaki city
2005 Developed fog + fan cooling unit COOLJetter®
Established affiliate company IKEUCHI VIETNAM CO., LTD. in Hanoi, Vietnam
2006 Developed non-wetting fog cooling system LYOHM SYSTEM® for outdoor cooling
Established joint affiliate company IKEUCHI (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in P.R.China
Established affiliate company IKEUCHI USA, INC. in Ohio, USA
2007 Expanded the plant in Kure, Japan
2008 Developed energy-saving humidifier AKIMist® "E”
Established affiliate company IKEUCHI EUROPE B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010 Launched “Cooling Division” specialized in industrial cooling
2012 Developed CoolBIM® greenhouse cooling and humidification system
Developed Semi-Dry Fog® inlet air cooling system
Established Suzhou branch and Tianjin branch of IKEUCHI (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in China
2013 Developed Semi-Dry Fog® large space cooling system COOLJetter® DOME
Developed Semi-Dry Fog® indoor cooling/humidification system COOLJetter® ULM
Developed Semi-Dry Fog® humidification unit ULM®
Developed high-pressure hydraulic humidification system AirULM®
Established affiliate company PT. IKEUCHI INDONESIA in Jakarta, Indonesia
2014 Developed COOLSAVE-D for cooling air-conditioner outdoor units