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Message from Nozzle Division’s Management

Solving customers' problems is our job

IKEUCHI currently offers more than 42,000 standard nozzle product types, developed to meet manufacturing requirements around the world. Moreover, this number continues to grow.

When pursuing sales activities, we place great importance on talking directly with customers who are interested in using our nozzles before making a sale. We don't merely sell spray nozzles; rather, we sell the advantages that come with using IKEUCHI nozzles.

As a company, our job is to offer quality and productivity improvements, bring down costs, reduce labor requirements and lead to resolve any other issue the customer may be facing. If we fail to do these, then even provision of the highest-quality, highest-performance nozzles has no real meaning.

That is why we start the sales process by first visiting the customer's office or worksite and formulate approaches tailored to their specific needs. In addition to proposing nozzle layouts and applications, we sometimes offer ideas for entire spray units including relevant control systems, and develop these as custom products for the customer.

The continuing evolution of nozzle sales

In waste incineration plants, for example, no-drain cooling for incinerator gases must be able to operate reliably over long periods of time in high-temperature conditions. Toward this end, nozzles with custom-made material characteristics, structures and so forth must offer optimized air-purge performance and unique layout concepts. In addition, it is necessary to keep operating costs to a minimum, which is why we propose various control methods and other features designed with the customer in mind.

Nozzle installation in the cooling tower
Ideal nozzle products are offered
through a wide range of simulations.

For LCD manufacturing and PCB wet production processes, we solve customer problems by proposing with the use of proprietary software that takes advantage of distinct spray patterns and determines the best ways to move the nozzles based on production line speed in order to prevent uneven etching and other potential problems.

When working with air blowers, we propose specific nozzle heights, offset angles, elevation angles and so forth, as well as proprietary auto filter (ARS filter: Auto Reverse Self-cleaning filter) to recirculate process liquids.

In order to provide the best customer solutions possible through IKEUCHI nozzles for all types of production facilities, we will continue engaging in close dialogues with customers and offering nozzle products optimized to their needs.

Masaru MIYAKAWA, General Manager, Nozzle Division