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Developing Specialized Spray Unit

Our spray unit development efforts contribute toward automation and greater efficiency in worksites.

Developing Specialized Spray Units

Precision control of
spray fluid (water/air):
spray control units
and valve stands

In addition to selecting appropriate nozzles, IKEUCHI develops entire spray units incorporating the necessary control systems.
By providing units optimized to specific processes, we have achieved automation and enhanced efficiency in a wide array of customer worksites.

We provide systems, including those equipped with control units, designed to closely address user needs after listening carefully to the requirements of each customer regarding intended spray targets, applications, worksite layout and so forth. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Example of IKEUCHI-developed products

Auto Reverse Self-cleaning Filter

Automatic jet spray cleaning filter
[Patented] ARSARSFilter

Powerful jet cleaning that uses spray nozzles to remove accumulated particles on the filter screen without fail. A wide range of models is available in various filtration capacity types, filter screen mesh types and sizes.
Suitable for filtration of both recycled and industrial water. Maintenance work is traditionally carried out manually, but use of an ARS Filter in maintenance operations can significantly reduce labor requirements.
Factory deodorization and disinfection

Pump unit for deodorizing and disinfection

Pump unit equipped with a large-capacity tank, allowing both timer-based automatic operation and manual operation.
Used for deodorization and insect control in food product plants.
Spraying conveyor-transported items with liquids

Conveyor-use liquid-sprayer unit

When the items targeted for spraying reach the appropriate position during conveyor transport, they are detected by a sensor and sprayed for the specified duration of time. Spray capacity and spray angles can be adjusted by changing pressure settings and nozzle tips.
Spraying of disinfecting alcohol before and after product filling processes. Coating with oils or seasonings.
Air-blowing for conveyor-transported items

Conveyor-use air-blowing unit

When the items targeted for air blowing reach the appropriate position during conveyor transport, they are detected by a sensor and air-blown for the specified duration of time. Appropriate nozzle layouts are chosen based on the forms of the items to be air-blown.
Blowing extraneous liquids or powders off of items passing by on the conveyor belt.
Adjusting water content in noodle products

Pump unit for humidification/moisture control

This unit comes with a water tank and can be used anywhere in the workplace a power source is available. It can be easily added to an existing production line without any complex construction or installation work.
Adding water or adjusting water content on production lines for udon noodles, ramen noodles or other types of noodles as well as the outer dough layers of gyoza dumplings (pot stickers) and other such food products.

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