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Providing Consistent Support to Meet Customers Needs

We offer more than 42,000 different nozzle product types and provide thoroughgoing support encompassing everything from nozzle selection to the proposal of solutions to customer problems.

When it comes to spray nozzles, you can count on us.

With more than 42,000 standard nozzle types to choose from, IKEUCHI offers a truly extensive lineup. From among this wide array of products, the Nozzle Division can offer a spray nozzle optimized to each customer's intended applications and goals.

If no standard or existing custom nozzle fully meets the customer's needs, our staff can propose and develop special-order spray nozzle units, including those incorporating built-in control systems.

If you are unsure of which nozzle is right for you, start by asking one of our trustworthy Nozzle Division staff. We promise to give you our full support throughout every step of the process, from spray nozzle selection to solutions for your problems.

Nozzle selection process example

Initial discussions and meetings regarding specifications
Nozzle selection

In order to meet all customer needs, we select nozzles that meet basic specifications such as fog spray characteristics and capacity while using advanced equipments such as analyzers and ensuring that the products chosen are optimized to the conditions of the customer's production facility.

Selection of spray characteristics
【Spray pattern】
【Mean droplet diameter】
【Spray droplet distribution】
【Spray droplet velocity】
Selection of spray capacity
【Spray capacity】
【Spray impact】
【Spray distribution】
Other characteristics for selecting spray nozzles
  • 【Wear resistance】
  • 【Chemical resistance】
  • 【Heat resistance】
  • 【Pressure resistance】
  • 【Viscosity】
Spray tests

Spray tests for the nozzles selected are carried out at our plant, testing facilities and/or other locations as necessary. If so requested, we can dispatch a vehicle equipped with demonstration equipment to the customer's workplace.

Mission of Nozzle Division

Product/System lineup