The Fog Engineers H.Ikeuchi & Co.,LTD

Nozzle Division

The Nozzle Division handles individual nozzles as well as entire spray units incorporating nozzle controls.

When pursuing sales activities, we place great importance on talking directly with customers who are interested in using our spray nozzles before making a sale. We don't merely sell nozzle units; rather, we sell the advantages that come with using IKEUCHI nozzles.
As a company, we consider it our job is to offer quality and productivity improvements, bring down costs, reduce labor requirements and lead to resolve any other issue the customer may be facing.

Fog Engineers handling all aspects of spray nozzles

We developed the world’s first ceramic spray nozzles in 1961 and are the only company in the industry that provides “precision guarantee.” The Nozzle Division is the core of our company.
Not only do we provide spray nozzles that meet a specific purpose, but we also provide proposals that include installation layouts and advice on how to effectively make use of our products.
In recent years, we have been focusing on developing specialized spray units for specific production processes.

Mission of Nozzle Division

Product/System lineup