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Our Key Operating Concept in Environmental Measures

Proposing environmental measures for entire urban areas and fostering greater prosperity for industry, people and people's lives

Our Key Operating Concept in Environmental Measures

With efforts focused on measures for the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon and excessively high temperatures, which are becoming increasingly widespread due to year-by-year worsening of the global warming problem, as well as the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals and clinics and other such issues, the Environment Division provides various solutions through the utilization of fog technologies.

In recent years, outdoor cooling systems that utilize the evaporative cooling effect of fog spray have become popular in urban areas— this is one of IKEUCHI's most well-known environmental efforts, and we were one of the first to undertake it.

Our environmental measures are intended to do more than achieve partial improvements and change on limited scales; we consider environmental measures using our sophisticated fog-spraying technologies, designed to address environment-related issues such as the UHI phenomenon and dry air in winter, to be our key operating concept. We pursue these with the aim of fostering greater prosperity in industry and people's lives.

Proposals for environmental measures that use fog
Cultivation of urban environments with consideration
for UHI prevention
Helping prevent the flu and other infectious diseases

Countering heat island phenomenon, preventing heat stroke and infections

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