The Fog Engineers H.Ikeuchi & Co.,LTD

Environment Division

Proposing a wide range of applications for fog that contribute toward optimized living environments and energy savings

Based on traditional Japanese summer custom called“Uchimizu”, which entails sprinkling water on the ground to cool the immediate area, we developed our LYOHM System® as a countermeasure to the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon, and today this system has become a vital element in a diverse array of outdoor facilities and spaces.
Moving forward, we will continue with our efforts in areas such as UHI-related measures and humidification for daily living spaces while researching and developing fog technologies that contribute toward urban energy savings, greater renewable energy usage and other such advances.

Fog solutions useful for both industries and society

The Environmental Division uses non-wetting “Semi-Dry Fog®” for energy efficient cooling of large-scale factories or urban buildings. It is also used to help increase the humidity in schools and hospitals.
In 2006 we developed an outdoor cooling system, the “LYOHM System®”. This system helps reduce temperatures with evaporative cooling of fog. This is becoming popular to help fight the heat island phenomenon and can be seen everywhere in urban areas in Japan.
In recent years we have developed and promoted systems that improve the operating efficiency of outdoor units and solar panels during the summer months. We have also worked on humidification systems to help prevent infectious diseases, such as influenza, caused by dryness during the winter months.

Countering heat island phenomenon, preventing heat stroke and infections

From initial discussions to system installation

We build systems together with customers that are tailored to their needs,
providing both heatstroke prevention measures for summer and dry-air countermeasures for winter.

  • The customer contacts us and we engage in consultations with them regarding possible system installation.
  • We carefully listen to the customer's concerns, problems and so forth through discussions; describe our past projects and successes; and assess (take measurements of) their current operating environment.
  • Based on information gathered through assessment of the customer's worksite, we make full use of our proprietary knowledge and experience to come up with optimal solutions.
  • Using calculations for return-on-investment effectiveness, layout designs and so forth, we offer a concrete installation proposal(s) to the customer.
  • After careful consideration of nozzle and equipment layouts, control functions and other such factors, we design and draw up plans for the customer's unique system.
  • We perform onsite tests at the customer's facility and confirm actual results from equipment in action.
  • During system installation, we come to the installation site to fine-tune and perform test runs of the new equipment.
  • We respond promptly if any problem should occur with the new system. Additionally, we can also draw up a maintenance contract with the customer in order to ensure that their new equipment lasts as long as possible.

Product/System lineup