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Message from Cooling Division’s Management

Pursuing an ideal mix of sensible and latent heat utilization

We believe that industrial heating represents humankind's most important advance since the Industrial Revolution.When industrial heating was first invented, its counterpart—industrial cooling—did not yet exist.

Specialized applications and products in areas such as freezing and refrigeration came into use, but these were almost always for non-industrial, consumer purposes.

Cooling in an industry was just a post-process treatment following industrial heating as the business, and in many cases the emphasis was not on cooling. It is important to understand, however, that industrial cooling is a field with enormous potential. It can contribute in numerous ways, such as by improving product quality and mitigating energy-related and environmental problems.
Let's examine this area in more specific terms.

IKEUCHI's cooling technologies harness the power of water. Although this ubiquitous resource is available anywhere in Japan, water's latent heat potential is greater than that of most other substances. We have harnessed the power of water, maximizing the potential of its sensible and latent heat properties, in developments that enable its control-related utilization toward the enhancement of cooling speeds, scope of cooling operations and a wide range of other cooling-related parameters.

The enormous potential of industrial cooling

Take steel casting, for example: rapid cooling and slow cooling of the materials result in completely different properties in the final product.

When dealing with flue gases, measures such as finding an optimal balance between cooling and heat recovery, and making efficiency improvements to hazardous substance removal operations can optimize the size of gas treatment equipment, which occupies a large space in a plant, while also boosting its efficiency.
Furthermore, looking back on our consulting service operations up until now, we have always engaged in repeated, in-depth discussions with each customer-even customers who did not devote much attention to their cooling-related operations-and through these efforts we were able to discover a great number of underlying customer needs.
We believe it is IKEUCHI's role to undertake such tasks from customers and provide them back with higher performance enabled by our cooling system.
If you have anything you wish to discuss about cooling, please feel free to contact us at any time.
We will be happy to provide you with unique cooling solutions only a spray-nozzle manufacturer can offer.

Nobuaki Umeda, General Manager,
Cooling Division