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Control Technologies

Analyzing facility conditions in detail to reduce energy usage and achieve effective cooling

Control Technologies

Along with cooling equipment, IKEUCHI offers unique control system to bring out the best performance possible in customers’ cooling systems.

It is important to understand that "cooling" does not refer to a static, unchanging state, and by utilizing optimal system control technologies it becomes possible to achieve ideal cooling system performance. Moreover, the control systems we propose can also help achieve greater energy savings in these cooling systems.

Three main equipments of our control systems

Our control systems are structured around three main equipments: pressure and flow-rate adjustment units, control panels, and measurement units. In addition to these, the system framework incorporates an air-blower unit, an air-exhaust unit and other nozzle-related hardware and system-support measures.

Pressure and flow-rate adjustment unit

The flow-rate adjustment unit functions to relay commands from the control panel to the relevant nozzles.
This section of the system was developed based on IKEUCHI's energy-conserving approach, which entails getting the most out of nozzle performance while minimizing the use of utilities such as water, air and electricity.
By optimizing air consumption volumes in pneumatic spray nozzles, we are able to reduce overall operating costs.

Valve stand for hydraulic spray nozzles
Valve stand for pneumatic spray nozzles

Control panel

Control panel, designed using all of the knowledge in IKEUCHI's possession, serve as the core of the control system.
Through feedback from temperature and humidity control elements as well as feed-forward operations, these control panels enable more effective and efficient cooling.

Control panel for inlet air cooling system
Control panel for unsteady-state gas cooling

Measurement unit

Measurement units utilize sensors that measure temperature and various other factors. We are able to offer a rich array of measurement units tailored to customers' target cooling objects/substances, production facility setup and so forth.

  • Solid-matter surface
    temperature measurements
  • Temperature before cooling
  • Temperature after cooling
Example of control system

Three pillars of Cooling Division operations

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