The Fog Engineers H.Ikeuchi & Co.,LTD

Disinfection Division

The Disinfection Division was established in order to pursue disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing solutions.

Moving forward, we hope to provide even more thoroughgoing proposals based on customer needs in regard to worksite disinfection and deodorization.

Our division develops special-purpose sprayer equipment for sterilizing, disinfecting and deodorizing agents, while also developing and selling the spray-agent generating equipment itself (for hypochlorous acid water).

By targeting the livestock industry to develop products with proprietary applications, while also pursuing in-house collaborations with the Agro Division and Nozzle Division, as well as with others outside the Company, we continually strive to create new value.

Akira Kawayoshi, Disinfection Division

*1 Joint experiments with The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN Foundation), 1992.
*2 Defence Research and Development Canada:
A roadmap for investigation and validation of Dry Fogging as a decontamination technology. DRDC-RDDC-2014-C298, 2014.

Proposing applications that make full use of atomization technologies cultivated at IKEUCHI

In 1979, IKEUCHI successfully developed a spray nozzle that produced Dry Fog with droplet diameters of 10 μm or less. Converting liquids into Dry Fog changed their characteristics dramatically: through basic experiments*1 we learned that Dry Fog helps liquid disinfectant agents adhere better to their disinfection targets and provides other performance advantages as well.*2

Here at IKEUCHI, we have observed that demand for infectious disease prevention, deodorization and other such measures is on the rise every year in public spaces such as urban transit environments and airports, in food plants, in nursing care and welfare facilities, and in agricultural- and livestock-industry work sites, among other places. By providing equipment-based solutions through devices that spray atomized disinfectant agents in fog form, while also developing auxiliary equipment to produce disinfectant agents along with usage methods, we strive to cultivate new value in unique ways only possible at IKEUCHI.