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Our Future Missions

Pursuing three missions in order to boost customer satisfaction further

Our Future Missions

IKEUCHI's Dry Fog humidification system has garnered trust in a wide range of different industries and proven useful to numerous customers.
Refusing to remain satisfied with our successes up until now, we continue to pursue growth and development through endeavors in the three areas of cost reductions, after-sales services and R&D.

Cost reductions

Customers demand cost reductions in terms of both initial and operating costs—in other words, reduced energy-related costs for humidification operations in addition to initial equipment costs.
In response, our low-energy humidification systems, which were designed to replace traditional steam-humidification equipment, have earned widespread praise in numerous industries, particularly electronics and printing.

High-pressure hydraulic humidification
system AirULM®

We have developed humidification equipment that uses smaller amounts of compressed air, and we have even succeeded in making equipment that doesn't use any air at all.
Moving forward, we plan to explore further cost-cutting and energy-saving humidification.

After-sales services

No matter how good a product or system may be, it is impossible to ensure continued customer satisfaction if proper maintenance is not carried out.
In order to make sure that systems continue to perform well over the long term, we are taking our maintenance activities further as we strive to maximize after-sales services for greater customer satisfaction.

Research and development

In addition to dedicated study of existing technologies, we are channeling our energies into the development of brand-new, next-generation humidification systems as well as dehumidification systems for use in air conditioning operations. By pursuing comprehensive and complete air conditioning and humidification systems, we aim to contribute in bigger ways to society at large.

We will continue our efforts and development to improve humidity control at production sites in a range of different industries while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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