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System Configuration

Based on our diverse range of experience and successes in various fields, we propose system frameworks tailored to customers' individual workplaces.

Dry Fog humidification system structure

While taking consideration of overall air conditioning and humidity conditions throughout the production site, airflow movements, and other such factors, we utilize our "Dry Fog" humidification system to realize optimal operating spaces.
The overall system framework, which comprises a humidity control system, water supply system and drive system, is tailor-made in consideration of customer worksites based on our rich array of experience with past installations.

Dry Fog humidification system structure

Humidity control system

It consists of Dry Fog spray unit, a humidity sensor that detects humidity levels, a humidity control unit that responds to sensor signals sent to turn Dry Fog spraying on and off, and a solenoid valve unit that serves to allow or interrupt air supply to the humidification equipment.
This control system takes water and air sent from the water supply and drive systems, mixes them in the spray unit, and releases them into the air as Dry Fog.
The control unit, humidity sensor and solenoid valve unit then work together to provide automated control that maintains the specified humidity level.

Water supply system

This system comprises a filter, water softener, water purifier and other water treatment equipment. It serves to separate out foreign matter from the water and remove ionic elements such as silica and calcium.
These operations dramatically reduce maintenance requirements for the Dry Fog spray unit.

Drive system

This system is made using a compressor, a receiver tank, various filters and other equipment many clients already have in their production facilities.
In some cases, we are able to supply air by creating a new branch off of the client's existing air piping network.

Water purifiers

IKEUCHI recommends using a high-performance reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier, the optimal choice for our Dry Fog humidification systems.
The following chart shows common types of water purifiers and their performance.

Comparison of removal substances by water treatment

Dry Fog humidification system

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