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Atomization Technology

Introducing an atomization mechanism creating the fog that won't wet equipment or products even when sprayed from close distance

Dry Fog for reliable electrostatic control

IKEUCHI's Dry Fog humidification technology has received widespread praise from a diverse range of industries and production facility operators thanks not only to its ability to cut energy costs and reduce cooling load requirements, but also to its energy-saving performance and the advantages of its utterly unique, high-quality fog properties which prevent wetting of objects and substances with which the fog comes into contact. Even when sprayed from a close distance, this fog won't wet workpieces, equipment or anything else it touches. This singular quality enables the use of our fog in places where wetting is absolutely impermissible, and has made Dry Fog highly popular among our customers.

Moreover, our products offer pinpoint-accuracy, localized humidification of small areas, making them extremely useful in worksites where only limited-area humidification is desired, in production facilities where large-scale air ventilation makes full-scale humidification difficult, and in other such challenging locations.

Dry Fog humidification: Non-wetting fog humidification

Astounding atomization technology

How exactly does IKEUCHI's Dry Fog technology achieve such high-performance spraying results?
The answer can be found in a brand new idea we developed wherein AKIJet® pneumatic spray nozzles are used to re-atomize particles via collisions to achieve Dry Fog humidification.

AKIJet® spraying

AKIJet® nozzle atomization principle

Liquid is sent into the two spray orifices of nozzle tip and is atomized inside the orifices by shearing force. Then, the sheared liquid, when sprayed out from the orifices, is re-atomized by supersonic jet. Each fog stream, sprayed out from the two spray orifices apart, collides with each other in the center and are further atomized by 33,000–40,000 Hz ultrasonic waves. As the result, generated is ultra-fine fog with uniform spray droplets distribution having no large particles.

Since Dry Fog, small spray droplets, bounce when they hit objects and do not burst as illustrated, they do not wet objects, whereas larger droplets would burst and wet objects.

This IKEUCHI’s unique atomization technology is incredibly sophisticated—so much so that no other company has been able to imitate it—and our Dry Fog has enabled humidification in a wide range of industries and industrial processes.

Dry Fog humidification system

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