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Humidification Division

Our non-wetting "Dry Fog" humidification system contributes to improved humidity control in the production processes in all types of industries.

Customers require a high humidity for a diverse range of different purposes. Static electricity prevention is a major focus because static electricity alone can lead to a wide variety of different problems.

In the printing industry, for example, each printing technology features distinct types of equipment, printed media and so forth, and in response we pursue in-depth research into many kinds of troubles and different problems that can occur and seek out optimized solutions for each.
We got our start in this field with the goal of eliminating all of the problems our customers face, no matter the industry in which they operate.

World’s first humidification experts

IKEUCHI’s humidification system that use non-wetting “Dry Fog” helps to prevent product defects or work environment problems caused by low humidity or static charges.
Taking advantage of our many long years of experience and successes as specialists in the field of humidification, our division offers humidification systems optimized to a wide range of different product manufacturing processes and environments. We do this in a thoroughgoing manner that covers everything from system introduction to after-sales support. Here at IKEUCHI, we continue to serve as a leader in new, energy-saving humidification systems meant to replace the steam humidification systems traditionally found in production facilities.

Dry Fog humidification system

From initial discussions to humidification system installation

We create humidification systems to meet our customers’ needs,
and work together with customers to bring them to the optimal level.

  • The customer contacts us and we engage in consultations with them regarding possible system installation.
  • We carefully listen to the customer's concerns, problems and so forth through discussions; describe our past projects and successes; and assess (take measurements of) their current operating environment.
  • Based on information gathered through assessment of the customer's worksite, we make full use of our proprietary knowledge and experience to come up with optimal solutions.
  • Using calculations of humidification equipment cost effectiveness, layout designs and so forth, we offer a concrete installation proposal(s) to the customer.
  • We design a humidification system tailored to the needs of the customer's specific products and processes.
  • During system installation, we come to the installation site to fine-tune and perform test runs of the new equipment while confirming that the intended humidification effects are being achieved.
  • We respond promptly if any problem should occur with the new system. Additionally, we can also draw up a maintenance contract with the customer in order to ensure that their new equipment lasts as long as possible.

Product/System lineup