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Cultivation-use Fog-spraying Units and Agricultural Verification Testing

Clean cultivation without any culture medium makes it possible to grow crops anywhere—even in the desert!

Spraying of liquid fertilizer for direct absorption by plant roots

Liquid fertilizer spraying inside
the cultivation box
Roots grow more than usual thanks to
absorption of liquid fertilizer

IKEUCHI has developed a new product, the IKEUCHIPonics® cultivation system, which utilizes liquid fertilizer in Semi-Dry Fog® form as a spray to be directly applied to and absorbed by the roots of crops suspended off the ground.

This cultivation method needs no medium like hydroponics or substrates such as soil, rock wool, or other conventional cultivation methods. Since only a minimum amount of water is required to make liquid fertilizers, it is even possible to cultivate crops in deserts.

IKEUCHIPonics® has garnered widespread attention as an ultra-clean cultivation method that doesn't use any culture medium and thus produces almost no waste products. High crop yields have been observed during performance verification experiments carried out thus far.

Agricultural verification testing

Verification testing in
an IKEUCHI-owned greenhouse

The most important aspect of a cultivation system is its profitability. In order to provide systems that customers can feel confident integrating into their operations, we first carry out agricultural verification tests in our company-owned greenhouse facilities.

We use IKEUCHIPonics® and CoolBIM® systems together to grow tomatoes year round as part of experiments aimed at achieving high yields boasting high quality and low production costs for large final profits. We have been harvesting and selling our tomatoes through retailers, and thanks to these efforts we are gradually winning wider recognition among consumers.

Research and development

Food safety, food shortages and other such food-related issues are becoming increasingly important to address in our contemporary society.

Here at IKEUCHI, we endeavor to develop our spray-nozzle technologies and spray applications even further, pursuing greater research and development in an effort to cultivate crops with higher added value and contribute to a brighter future for the agricultural industry.

Creating new type of agriculture using fog

Product/System lineup