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Cooling & Humidification with Non-Wetting Fog

Non-wetting fog cooling system for greenhouse that enables year-round cultivation

Much finer fog than that of conventional spray cooling equipment

IKEUCHI started by developing greenhouse cooling and humidification systems whose fog does not wet the objects it touches. 

The changing conditions of the four seasons bring with them many challenges, whether it be the intense heat of summer or dryness in winter and spring. An array of countermeasures is necessary to resolve the diverse range of difficulties faced when pursuing higher crop yields and year-round growing in Japan, a country affected strongly by seasonal changes.

Although semi-fine fog spraying as a means of cooling and humidification has already been adopted on a wide scale, it often results in the crops becoming wet, which leads to spindly growth, crop diseases and so forth. These combined with other problems such as spray-nozzle clogging prevent the achievement of truly ideal growing environments.

Semi-Dry Fog® cooling and
humidification system CoolBIM®

We developed greenhouse cooling system “CoolBIM®” that uses Semi-Dry Fog®, which is much finer fog (mean droplet diameter of 10-30 μm) than that of conventional spray cooling equipment (semi-fine atomization).

Because the fog generated evaporates quickly, it does not wet crops, equipment and greenhouse facilities. Furthermore, it enables high-precision control of humidity levels.

Comparison of crop wetting by Semi-Dry Fog® and semi-fine fog

8°C/14.4°F lower interior temperature compared with outside air

We have verified the effects of our cooling system as achieving indoor greenhouse temperatures (in IKEUCHI facilities) that are 8°C/14.4°F lower than outside air temperatures.
Even in operational production sites, many customers have already introduced our CoolBIM® with the aim of achieving environments facilitating year-round growing, and we have received much positive feedback because their crops don't get wet from nozzle spraying and problems such as nozzle clogging and dripping when the system turns on/off don't occur.

CoolBIM®’s cooling effect

Creating new type of agriculture using fog

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