The Fog Engineers H.Ikeuchi & Co.,LTD

Agro Division

We are exploring the creating of a new type of agriculture using fog atomization technology.

IKEUCHI's Agro Division was created to handle everything from R&D for both equipment and system- and support-type measures through to manufacturing and sales with the aim of cultivating new agricultural approaches through the use of fog atomization technologies.
Our CoolBIM® cooling and humidification system has come to the forefront in recent years as a popular global warming countermeasure. This system, utilizing the evaporative cooling effect of Semi-Dry Fog®, which is much finer fog than that of conventional spray cooling equipment, reduces greenhouse temperatures to mitigate the burden placed on workers and enable year-round greenhouse growing.

Research and development of new agriculture using fog

We have developed an energy-saving system that cools and humidifies greenhouses without wetting the crop or inside of the greenhouses, utilizing the evaporative cooling effect of Semi-Dry Fog®, which is much finer fog than that of conventional spray cooling equipment. This system, by optimally controlling not only temperature but also the humidity deficit for the growth of crops, makes it possible to cultivate crops following the customer’s schedule, even the crops that are difficult to grow year-round.
In addition, IKEUCHI developed the world’s first cultivation method that atomizes liquid fertilizers, which can be sprayed directly onto the roots of crops for better absorption. This groundbreaking cultivation method needs no medium like hydroponics or substrates such as soil, rock wool, or other conventional cultivation methods. Since only a minimum amount of water is required to make liquid fertilizers, it is even possible to cultivate crops in deserts.

Creating new type of agriculture using fog

From initial discussions to system installation

We create systems to meet our customers’ needs, and works together with customers to bring them to the optimal level.

  • The customer contacts us and we engage in consultations with them regarding possible system installation.
  • We hold initial meetings/discussions with customers based on the contents of the initial inquiry.
  • Through a visit(s) to the customer's site of operations, we examine and take consideration of current problems, equipment layouts and so forth.
  • By using equipment on hand or coming back at a later date with suitable demo equipment, we carry out real-life demonstrations to check mist properties, cooling effectiveness and so forth.
  • Based on the previous step, we draw up detailed equipment layout drawings and a cost estimate.
  • System installation is completed with the assistance of IKEUCHI staff.
  • After completing test runs to ensure that equipment is operating properly, we complete official product acceptance inspections.
  • We can provide after-sales services such as maintenance, additional equipment installations, layout changes and so forth.

Product/System lineup