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1. Ceramic spray nozzles "CERJET®"

After IKEUCHI invented the first ceramic nozzles in the world, we have developed the widest range of ceramic nozzles.


2. Precision-guaranteed spray nozzles

We guarantee our precision spray nozzles to meet your needs for accuracy and superior performance.


3. World's first humidity control system using Dry Fog-"AirAKI®"

A non-wetting Dry Fog can control the humidity on your factory floor more effective than other systems.


4. Optimized solutions for your applications

Because of our continuous development and wide range of products, we are able to provide the perfect nozzle for any application.



Outdoor Cooling Unit, Fog Parasol

In hot weather, Fog Parasol provides a cool and comfortable space. Attached to the parasol are nozzles which spray a "Semi-Dry Fog", pleasant fog that creates a cool space under and around the parasol. “Semi-Dry Fog” is so fine that it does not cause wetting when touched. It quickly evaporates, and only refreshing coolness remains.


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Apr. 9th, 2014

New Catalog updated !!

Lineup of IKEUCHI's spray nozzles

Pneumatic Spray Nozzles

Aug. 12nd, 2015


We launched sales representative office at Bahrain!!

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Feb 19th, 2013

-Featured Product-

INVV and INJJX series


  We have been supplying Quick detachable nozzle INVV and INJJX now.

Qucik Installation and removal by just turning a nozzle 60deg by hand.